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Oct 30, 2023

Your Ultimate Solution for Home & Garden Pest Control and Wildlife Control

About Flies Be Gone

Welcome to Flies Be Gone, your one-stop solution for all your Home & Garden, Pest Control, and Wildlife Control needs. We understand how annoying and disruptive flies can be, whether you are enjoying a peaceful afternoon in your garden or running a business in the hospitality industry. Our mission is to help you tackle fly problems effectively, providing you with the highest quality products and services.

The Significance of Effective Pest Control

Pests, including flies, can have a detrimental impact on our living spaces and overall well-being. Besides being an annoyance, flies are carriers of diseases and can contaminate food and surfaces. Addressing fly problems promptly is crucial to maintaining a healthy and enjoyable environment for you, your family, and your guests.

Home & Garden Pest Control

Flies buzzing around your home and garden can quickly become bothersome. Flies Be Gone offers a range of effective pest control solutions designed specifically for residential areas. Our team of experts is well-equipped to identify the source of infestations and provide tailored plans to tackle them.

1. Fly Traps and Baits

Flies Be Gone offers a variety of fly traps and baits that effectively lure and capture flies, preventing them from further breeding and infesting your home. Our traps are specially designed to be discreet, easy to use, and environmentally friendly.

2. Fly Screens

Preventing flies from entering your home is key to keeping them under control. Our high-quality fly screens are designed to keep flies out while allowing fresh air to circulate. Say goodbye to buzzing pests and enjoy a peaceful and insect-free home.

3. Natural Fly Repellents

If you prefer a more natural approach to fly control, Flies Be Gone offers a range of eco-friendly, natural fly repellents. These products use safe and non-toxic ingredients to repel flies effectively, without harming your family or pets.

Pest Control for Businesses

For businesses in the hospitality industry, flies can be a major concern. Flies Be Gone understands the importance of maintaining a professional and hygienic environment for your customers. Our commercial pest control solutions are specifically tailored to meet the needs of restaurants, hotels, cafes, and other establishments.

1. Fly Control Programs

We offer comprehensive fly control programs that are designed to keep your business free from infestations. Our experienced team will assess your premises, identify potential problem areas, and create a customized plan to effectively manage flies.

2. Insect Light Traps

Our range of insect light traps is a popular choice for businesses. These traps attract and capture flies, using UV light technology. Sleek and discreet, they are the perfect solution to maintain a fly-free environment without compromising aesthetics.

3. Professional Fly Control Products

In addition to our services, we also offer a wide selection of professional fly control products. From fly sprays and surface treatments to electronic fly killers, we have everything you need to effectively manage flies in your business.

Wildlife Control

At Flies Be Gone, we understand that pests don't stop at flies alone. We also offer wildlife control services to help you address any other critter concerns you may have.

1. Humane Wildlife Trapping

If your property is dealing with unwanted wildlife visitors, our expert team can assist you. We use humane trapping methods to safely remove wildlife, ensuring both their well-being and the security of your property.

2. Wildlife-Proofing Solutions

Prevention is key when it comes to wildlife control. Flies Be Gone provides wildlife-proofing solutions to help you protect your property from unwanted intruders. Our techniques are safe, effective, and designed to minimize the likelihood of future invasions.


Flies Be Gone is your trusted partner for all your Home & Garden, Pest Control, and Wildlife Control needs. Our team of experts is dedicated to providing you with the highest quality products and services to ensure a fly-free and pest-free environment. Don't let fly problems ruin your home or business – contact Flies Be Gone today and take the first step towards effective pest control!

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